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Last breakfast on Millie this year

Nelson on the suitcase, and ready to go.

1. Once last look around on Milena, looking forward

2. Once last look around on Milena, looking off the starboard side,...

3. Once last look around on Milena, looking off to the NE

4. Once last look around on Milena, looking aft from the bow

5. Once last look around on Milena, Jacques coming down the passerale

6. Once last look around on Milena, Marina putting her shoes on...

1. Nice airport, boarding truck for me, looking inside

2. Nice airport, my boarding truck, looking out from my seat

3. Nice airport, boarding truck, Marina behind me

4. Nice airport, boarding truck, raising the truck UP

5. Nice airport, boarding truck, moving toward the plane

6. Nice airport, boarding truck, moving toward British Airways

7. Nice airport, boarding truck, lining up the truck with the first...

8. Nice airport, boarding truck, our picture proof of private transportation

1. British Air: Marina.... champagne with lunch

2. 9. British Air to LHR, my lunch

3. Our champagne toast

Ritz Carlton, London, Rm. #321: our sitting room, looking toward Green Park

Ritz Carlton, London, Rm: #321: Marina and I (in mirror) in sitting...

Sitting room:Champagne on ice, gift from the RITZ

Sitting room: Champagne on ice, waiting to be opened and fill the...

Sitting room: our Tagliatelli boulignese dinner has arrived

This breakfast seemed to taste the very best — filled with memories of another wonderful year of adventures. Unfortunately along with Marina’s perfect egg white omelette, fresh squeezed orange juice and chocolate croissant — all this can not be duplicated by anyone else, or in any other part of the world — except on the world of Milena.


Doors, drawers and cabinets have all been gone thru, and bags are almost ready to go. Marina still has to put a few more things in Jacques bag. Although the way she is going — for everything she puts in Jacques’ bag...he takes it out! This makes it really hard to finish! Marina finally gave up, and told him she was done trying to get his things packed for Rennes. Nelson (who has been closed in the forward cabin for the last 18 days [closeness of the road, and the odds of him getting hit and killed] — is so eager to escape, and be out of his cubicle) is ready, and on the suitcase, meowing his approval for departure. (pic)

Jacques had Christian and Didier on board to help tote all the luggage not only off the boat, but load it in the car as well. (pic)





We are finally ready to leave, as I see Jacques walking down the passerale, with Marina behind putting on her shoes. (pic)


Blowing kisses to Milena, with tears running down my checks, I walked across the Quai St. Pierre and got into the back seat of the car. As Jacques drove away, my nose was pressed against the window, with a face full of tears, waving until Millie was out of sight. Thank you beautiful Milena! I do love you, and the adventures we share! :-( :-(. :-). :-). :-). Xoxoxoxo xoxoxoxox ox

The trip to Nice airport is not far...however our experience this year as been not good. The normal 25 minutes ride has taken us well over an hour + due to accidents, and traffic. This time, I am hoping we will not run into any kind of delays. As luck would have it, we made an uneventful trip to Nice, and Terminal 1. Jacques let us off, and he went to return the car, and go with Nelson to Terminal 2.

Hugs, and tears running down my face again, saying goodbye to Jacques! “Jacques....thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! See you next year. — somewhere, on the 23rd of August.....:-(. “ :-) :-)

“Oui, Robin see you next August!!” Jacques replied.

Marina and I made it to the British Air check in — me using the luggage cart as my cane, I did pretty well. The cart ran intereferance for my all the way to the counter. British Air had my wheelchair request — so all is well.

The wheelchair operator dropped us off at the VIP lounge and said he would return to take us to the plane, when

The boarding gate was announced. As per normal boarding procedures, as far as time goes, a wheelchair person was at the lounge to get me (and Marina) 35 minutes before flight time. This was the only thing that was normal about the way we boarded the plane. As with Aegean Air when I went from Athens/Corfu I had an elevated front truck loader. (pic)








That is really the neatest, most fun way to ever get on an airplane. Once on the plane I could walk without my cane, holding on all the seat backs as I maneuvered down the aisle.

Once in our seats, and the trolley came by we helped ourselves to the baby bottles of champagne to accompany our couscous salad lunch. (pic)



Landing at Heathrow, Terminal 5, I was met with a wheelchair and “meet/greet” Shaf. From the wheelchair provided by British Air, we went to a waiting motorized cart. Marina and I were in the back seat, and Shaf was with the lady driver in the front seat. This trip through terminal 5 was still very confusing going up and down in elevators, and cruising down long hallways.... but when I saw the Customs area, we went thru and the “special assistance”. I did not pass it three times, or get left infront of an elevator, whilst the driver disappeared for 15 minutes. Shaf was with us the whole way. After gathering our luggage, we caught up with the Car and Driver wanting for us. Now being lead by the chauffeur, the four of us (Shaf, wheelchair lady with me, and Marina) continued to the car park area, where the town car was waiting.

Arriving at the Ritz and reception, I was ‘WECLOME BACK MRS. KNEPPER. HOW ARE YOU? HOW IS YOUR KNEE, AND HOW WAS GREECE?” The reception gentleman said with a smile on his face. Other members of

Reception came thru the door leading to the back, and came forward to welcome me back. Stopping by the concierge (to see Andy, Charlie, and Michael), all of them each had their arms outstretched welcoming me home.

They are all very good at what they do, and they know just how to keep good customers coming back.

We were shown to the room I always get each year: mini Suite #321, overlooking Green Park. This year I am staying in London for 8 nights! I haven’t stayed a week in London for over 10 years. This is going to be very relaxing, and we have the opportunity to do the theatre season seeing many more shows than the norm of 2.

Once in our room, both of us let out a deep sigh — “...great to be back...” we both were thinking. It was now almost 5:00p.m., and we planned a full day of doing nothing.... except enjoying the room, watching movies having a massage tor Marina and manicure for me in the morning. (pic)





Room service dinner was just what we needed. Marina had a chance to take he first bath in 5 months! She was so relaxed in the bath — she fell asleep, just before we sat down to dinner. During dinner we watched the original “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” made in 1964 with David Niven and Marlon Brando, called “Bedtime Story”. Story was close to the same, but certainly no where near as good. The characters were weaker, and more boring. The person playing the part of Fanny Eubanks was not good. And Marlon Brando as Freddie, was no where near as good as Steve Martin. David Niven as Laurence Jameson, was just as good as Michael Caine — and stole the show. I have no desire to see this original again — but will never tire of seeing the re-make “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”. Having finsished our dinner, and the movie, we both curled up in our beds and fell sound asleep within minutes.

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