Sally and Hugh's Balkans trip 2018 travel blog

New freeway from Greece to Serbia


Ohrid, Macedonia

Samuel's Fortress


St. John sit on point over looking Ohrid Lake

St. John at Kaneo on point in Ohrid



Enjoying view from point on Lake Ohrid

Walking back from point after boating over

Church of Sts Clement & Pantelejmon


Interior of small church that was not destroyed by the Ottomans

Walking from castle down to Old Town

Roman coliseum

Another old church


Statue of Saints Cyris and Methodus who started one of the 1st...

Family gathering for a portrait



Bride and groom posing for us

Another bride doing a photo opt out on the pier

Pedestrian mall


boat ride out to the Bay of Bones


Village reconstructed in the Bay of Bones

Home interiors




Lake reeds used to construct the homes


Folk dancers entertaining us at dinner



A sample of the salads we were served

Hors d'oeuvres that were more than enough for a meal

Folk dance festival



We enjoy the bus rides from town to town. The ride from Tirana to Ohrid was similar to highway 21, Idaho City to Stanley with beautiful mountains, streams, and small villages tucked here and there. Macedonia is building a freeway from Sirbia to Greece and we were able to see the construction progress as we rode through the mountains.

Ohrid has a historical heritage with natural beauty, Ohrid is Macedonia’s crown jewel. It sits on the shores of Lake Ohrid. The town is one of Europe’s oldest settlements and the lake is said to be one of the 3 oldest lakes in the world. Walking along narrow streets of old town, we saw a blend of beautiful old churches, vibrant cafe's, and even a Roman Coliseum. A high point there was a cruse on the azure waters to The Bay of Bones. Some time around 1800 BC to 800 BC, a village was built on and lived in on the lake. 6,000 remains of wooden pilings have been found on the lake bottom along with many bones, which is where the name “Bay of Bones” comes from. A replica of the village has been built, as well as rebuilding a Roman Fort of the 100 BC era. The sun was shining, a warm wind out of the south, and a small lunch was served on the way back to Ohrid that made for a delightful afternoon. When we got off the boat there was a large crowed gathered to watch the Friday night festivities. A band dressed in native garb led a pride of dancers to the city center for a display of regional dances. Five or six groups performed and the band played. This was a surprise, but a nice way to end the day before dinner.

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