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Four Corners Monument

Standing in 4 States at the Same Time

Lots of driving today for one sight. After a stop for breakfast at McDonalds, hit the road around 9 heading for the Four Corners Monument. This is the only place where 4 states (Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico) come together at one point. It is a remote area north of Teec Nos Pos (population 730). It took us about 3 hours to get there. Not a particular elaborate monument, there is a pie shape circle w/ a medallion for each state, then a smaller disk where they all meet. The land on which the monument is located is part of the Navajo Nation. There are flea market type permanent stalls on each of the four sides of the monument where members of the Nation are hawking their wares. We snapped several pictures and perused the market before heading out after about 45 minutes. Headed for Winslow which took us another 3 ½ hours. Bonnie was very appreciative for the opportunity to spend 7 hours in the car w/ me!

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