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The harbor at Messina; mainland Italy is in the background

Messina from the dock

The town of Taormina about 45 minutes south of Messina

Just what you would expect a street in a tourist town in...

The ruins of the ancient Greek Theater in Taormina

Proof that we made it to Sicily

In nicer weather this picture would have been even better

We walked down this little street to Rosso's for lunch

That's what I expect to find at an outdoor cafe in Sicily...and...

One of the many Trattoria's found in Taormina; and I could have...

We woke up Wednesday morning to pretty iffy weather – no rain, just iffy – and while Dave and Kathy met up with a friend of theirs that lives in Messina, the 4 of us shared a cab with a couple from Ireland and headed to Taormina, about 45 minutes south. All of the cruise ships offer an excursion to Taormina for a couple reasons. First, there ain’t much to see in Messina, secondly it’s near where the Godfather movies were filmed and lastly, because it is just awesome.

It is exactly what you would expect to see in Sicily...little shops along quaint streets and great restaurants with mafioso types eating pasta. Well, actually we didn’t see any mafioso types, but we did see about eleventy seven thousand cruise ship people and just about as many little restaurants. We eventually made our way, along with the throng, to the ruins of the ancient Greek theater that was built in the 3rd century BC, https://www.traveltaormina.com/en/monuments/greek-theatre-taormina.html but the iffy weather didn’t help with the photo ops, though it was awesome to just wander the theater and take in the views of the surroundings...I’m really liking this Sicily thing.

We finally decided, after pondering too many options, and stopped at a place I think was called Rosso’s for a great lunch of pizza and pasta...it might have been the highlight of my day...but the rest of the gang was also pretty happy with their desserts at Roberto’s. When you’re in Sicily it’s gonna be tough to find food you DON’T like.

We made it back to the ship all fat n’ happy that we had paid the cab driver for an extra hour in Taormina...I think it was money well-spent and I think everyone agreed.

During the evening they made an announcement onboard that they expected rough weather after leaving Messina and on our sea day crossing from Sicily to the Greek island of Mykonos. I didn’t think it was as rough as they said it would be, but you did zig-zag a bit as you walked; unless you were drunk, then it was a straight shot.

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