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Starting to add the colors for Ken's pumpkin masterpiece

The skillful hands of a true artist

Michele pays close attention to the colors getting added

Into the oven it goes to soften it up so it can...

Believe it or not, this actually ended up looking like a Christmas...

See, I told you...after it cooled overnight the colors were even much...

Lisa's turn at expressing her artistic side

In for a minute or so to soften the glass

This tree is suspended in mid-air in the atrium. How do they...

Hmmm...decisions, decisions. Too tough to decide so I tried them all.

Tuesday was our first sea day – I love me some sea days – as we cruised east between Sardinia and Tunisia and on to Messina, Sicily. If you remember back to high school geography class, you might recall that mainland Italy is shaped like a boot and right at the toe of the boot is the island of Sicily and if the boot were to kick Sicily, that is where Messina is. There will be a test later so remember that.

Ken, Lisa and Michele took advantage of their sea day to attend a glass blowing class on board...conducted by a company from Hollywood...30 minutes from our old house. Ken made a pumpkin while Lisa and Michele both made Christmas ornaments. Me? I just cheered from the sidelines. It actually was pretty neat to watch and they all turned out great...almost like they knew what they were doing. Too bad we don’t have a Christmas tree...

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