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Walking in to the La Boqueria Market just off La Ramblas

Mmmm, meat

And seafood too!

A side street off La Ramblas...this part of the city is crazy...

At the marina near where we had lunch. They could use anothe...

On our night tour to the Magic Fountain we passed the house...

Some important building that I don't remember, other than it's near the...

These pillars are important too, I just don't remember why

The Magic Founatain does it's thing

And magic it is

Michele and I slept in till about 10:30, then took off to walk around the neighborhood. We found La Boqueria, the famous market down the street from the hotel and it was very cool...meats, fruits, vegetables, seafood, just a ton of different booths selling all of these things and more. We found a little restaurant on the square across from the market and had some lunch, then after some more wandering we met up with the gang and we were soon off via cab to the marina for some more lunch.

Lunch was decent – and relatively fly-free – then after some wandering around the marina it was time to catch another cab for our nighttime tour of Barcelona, ending at the Magic Fountain. We drove past some of the sites of the 1992 Olympics and a number of other highlights of the city, most of which I can’t remember. We spent about 45 minutes amongst the crowd at the Magic Fountain, and magic it was. Well, maybe not magic, but pretty cool – and very popular. As far as I was concerned, the most impressive stop of the night was a 23 story office building a mere 5 minute walk around the corner from our hotel. Our tour included a trip up top to The Sangria Bar to gawk at the city at night. It, despite some rain in the area, was amazing and we liked it so much we visited it 2 more times before our vacation ended.

After a short stop at the Tapas restaurant (Tapas means small appetizer-like plates) attached to the hotel, it was time again to pull the plug on Barcelona for the night.

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