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Today it is bucketing down, and I really mean it. The rain is very heavy and from our room window there is water cascading from gutters and downpipes. We go to breakfast at 9am as we knew the weather was not going to be good today. 100% chance of rain up till lunchtime. We are sharing a taxi to the Brazilian side of Iguazu falls with Sarah and after some discussion we decide to meet in the foyer at 11am to review the situation. At 11am the 3 of us meet and think we should wait another hour, so at 12 noon we meet again and get a taxi to the National Park. After entering the Park, we get on a bus to take us to the start of the trail that will wind its way along the cliff opposite the falls. We start on the trail and it has just about stopped raining, thank goodness. The view is truly spectacular from this side so the saying is true, Argentina owns the falls but Brazil owns the view of the falls. We walk along the trail cut into the cliff with each lookout point getting more and more spectacular. We can see the trail we walked along on top of the falls on the Argentinian side yesterday. We walk along until the end where we can walk out on a boardwalk to get very close to the falls and of course get drenched as the spray is phenomenal. The falls are a complete semi-circle of water thundering down at various points. Here is the point where we can catch the bus back and there is a café, so as its 2pm, we decide to eat lunch. Opposite where we eat our lunch we can see where we stood on the Argentinian side at Devils throat yesterday.

We catch the bus back to the park entrance and then walk around the corner to the Bird Park. This park has some great exhibit, with a lot of birds from South America but also othe places too. We see these beautiful scarlet ibis

that are so brighly coloured, you scarcely believe they are real. There are some sqawking macaws, both blue and red, owls, flamingoes, parrots galore and of course my favourite, the toucan. The park is very good and we wander around for a couple of hours. After we share a taxi back to the Hotel.

For dinner tonight Sarah, Phil and I are going to try another Churrascaria and we go to one quite close to the Hotel. We sit down and get a menu but they want 90 reales for the same thing we got the night before at the other restaurant and paid 40 reales, so we get up and walk out. We stop at a bar and have a G & T and beer and then go back to the same restaurant as last night. Good thing is they have changed the types of vegetables and salads and we get to try the meats we missed out on because we were full, like, phesant, chicken and bacon and we had seconds and thirds of the wonderful pineapple covered in cinnamon that we couldn't get enough of last night. Wonderful food!

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