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It was a surprisingly good overnight trip on the bus. We left around 11pm and arrived 9am. We arrived late due to the delayed departure and our guide was not around. Eventually Jeffery turned up as he was waiting in the car not exactly sure of the arrival time with the delay.  Because we were late we just dropped our bags at the hotel (right on the main square) and headed straight out on the city tour.

We went to a few stops to have views of the city and the surrounding volcanoes and mountains and to appreciate the different architecture.  Firstly it was empanadas for breakfast, 8 different flavors to choose from all with chicken! We went to an Alpaca museum were we were told this would be the only place we would be able to take photos of Alpaca and Lama without paying to do so lol.

We went to a historic area of old streets that had the first type of hotels in Arequipa as it was near the bridge traders would arrive. Due to many earthquakes over the years buildings have been rebuilt and restored all over Arequipa. They are very proud that they do this and do it quickly unlike some other cities

Jeffrey left us at the monastery (convent) of Santa Catalina, a Dominican order convent,  where we had an extensive tour of this colorful mini town. The history of how the nuns lived over the years was really interesting as originally you needed to be wealthy to join and your family paid a dowry and it had very little to do with having a calling to religion,  more so that your family had someone in religion praying for them.

After this we walked back to our hotel that was situated right in the Plaza de Armas(main square), infact I could lay in bed and watch people walk around the square! The roof top bar had an awesome view of the basilica.

We then went to check out the local market in a huge undercover building where each row was a different produce. Fantastic to see some of the 300 different potato varieties.

For dinner we decided to check out Peru McDonald's, they had some other burger types which is why it's always cool to see different countries version.

After dinner it was Pisco Sours on the roof top bar to watch the sun set and the view of the basilica.

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