Sally and Hugh's Balkans trip 2018 travel blog

NW Albania

One of the many olive groves

Harvesting olives

Berat Castle


Walkway to castle restaurant






100 AD Roman Stone Bridge

Old Ottoman homes

Christian homes on opposite side of river

Fishing on the Osum River


Gas station


You can't stop at these stop lights as the whole pole lights...



Communist building soon to be a modern art museum

Coffee house where we met a historian of Albania


Deposed statues of deposed leaders

Mural leading into the national museum


Cablecar to the top of Mt. Dajti



Hang glider showing off for our lunch entertainment

hotel at mountain top

bunk-art entrance




Communist Era housing

Trying to make the housing "more" beautiful



Almost to the Albanian border watching for the bunkers that surround it.

Two of the thousands of bunkers built to protect its borders

After breakfast we headed to Tirana, the capital of Albania, with an excursion to Berat. Berat is on the Osum River and is known for its white Ottoman house. There is a castle high on a hill and is a living castle with some of the towns people living within its walls. There is a Byzantine church, the Red Mosque, and a restaurant where we had lunch. We spent the night in Tirana and after breakfast we had a lecture on the history of Albania in a quaint little restaurant that specialized in herbs and mushrooms. We then visited the national museum to learn more. For lunch we road the a cable car to the top the Dajti Mountains. When we got back down, we visited The Bunk’Art Museum, a five story labyrinthine, underground bunker with over 100 rooms full of historic artifacts of Albania’s turbulent past. During the communist area, 1945-1990, Enver Hoxha, head of the government then, had thousands of bunkers built. The oppression under Hoxha was extreme and a long depressing story. Today Tirana is a delight with good restraints and very good gelato.

We are way behind with our blog. We are now in Lithuania at our sons, resting up, doing wash, and trying to catch up on our blog. Our tour kept us busy - up at 7:00 for breakfast and often home after 9:00 from dinner, then often the internet has been poor and slow. So we have a lot yet to share.

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