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The Cathedral roofline is stunning in its own right

The Giralda bell tower is a forer minaret

Gate to the Patio de los Naranjos, portal to the era of...


A good example of the results of cleaning

Groundlevel copy of the Giralda weathervane - The Triumph of Faith

Interior of Cathedral looking at the chior chamber

1000 painted & gilded fiqures = 1 of the largest & finest...

Marble floor detail in front of main alter

Napoleon stole most of the Altare dell’ Argento (silver alter)

Above St Anthony is a repair - he was cut out &...

Sister Saints Justa & Refina are said to have saved Giralda from...

Diego Columbus’ DNA settled disputes about locale of CC’s remains

The more pillows the tomb the higher up in the clergyman was

Columbus tomb held aloft by the 4 realms of Isabel & Ferdinand

Wish I had known sooner that there is a rooftop tour offered

One of the 80 side chapel

One of the twins - magnificent musical instrument

The processional Monstrance, the key piece in the treasury

The King himself

The Kings’ 2 portable alters & 2 keys to the city walls...

Ceiling detail of the Chapter House

Column detain from the treasure room

Gothic turrets and towers as viewed from the Giralda

The 17 steps added to create a Catholic bell tower

So wish I learned there’s a rooftop tour sooner

Giralda tower view overlooking the orange grove

Flying buttresses were an architectural game changer

At lunchtime the bell calls... and every hour all 24 ring out

It would be such fun to ride a donkey up the ever-narrowing...

This originol gargoyle is certainly weather beaten

These first generation turrets had to be replaced

Next time I want to stay at this hotel ;-)

My father-in-law Ken McColl described visiting Europe as going on an ABC tour. By which he meant “Another bleeping castle and another bleeping cathedral.”

I am sure happy his son feels more positive about those kinds of tourist attractions than he did.

The Seville Cathedral was consecrated in 1507 and to this day it remains the largest cathedral in the world.Both St. Peter’s basilica in Italy and Our Lady of Aparecida basilica in Brazil are larger Catholic churches, but by definition they are not cathedrals. Apparently that is a meaningful distinction in certain circles.

That said, well before it was a Catholic place of worship it was a mosque, completed in 1198.

In a classic case of cultural appropriation, the cathedral tower started off as a 35-ramp minaret. The ramp permitted the muezzins to ride a donkey or horse up for their task of chanting out the five-times-a-day call to prayer.

The catholic conquerors demolished the mosque but kept the orange grove/patio and added 17 steps and 24 bells to the top of the minaret, renaming it the Giralda.

It took 500 years to built the incredible gothic cathedral seen today, a breathtaking construction where engineering meets artistic expression.

As fascinating as the architecture is, to me it is the human interest stories that enrich the visit most.

For example, Christopher Columbus is entombed here, as is one of his two sons. This son bought his way in by donating his father’s paper and his own documentation of his dad’s expeditions to the church. In doing so, he enabled modern DNA testing to definitively prove the remains in Spain were authentic, as this was much disputed.

Currently, the cathedral is undergoing extensive restoration, consolidation cleaning & protection projects. The results of removing centuries of grime are evident/.

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