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The lizard, tree and the tower we went up the day before

Mummy from burial chamber



Sacrifice heads

Met today's guide at 9am and straight out to the airport. This was whole the reason for our trip to Peru, Kelvin has been waiting 30 years to see this.

 There was no mucking around we were straight up to the desk with our passports and checking our bags and then on to the plane, a 12 seater. I think we were late.  We had a briefing and got all seated on the plane then the engine was turned off and we were told we would have to get off the plane again because there were too many planes in there air and that we have to wait for maybe 1 hour. After getting back to the main buildings and waiting a few minutes we were then told to get back on the plane ants had to run along the tarmac (i guess to not miss our flight flight).

Once in the sky it was all very well organised each side of the plane got to see each of the shapes and they would count down to when there will be coming around to that side of the plane. It was really impressive with the flight lasting for about 30 minutes then we were back on the ground and heading out with our guide and driver to the next sight.

Next stop was Chauchilla Cemetery that was discovered in the 1920s. It was started around 200AD and used for 600 years. The bodies were perfectly preserved but most graves had been destroyed by grave rivers.

Next was the aqueducts that the Nasca race built around 16-17 hundred years ago.

After a late lunch wet went and found the museum. It held some of the artifacts from the Chauchilla cemetary.

We spent some time sitting watch families in the town square and then came across a children's parade, it was fantastic to watch. Back to our hotel to spend a couple of hours until our onset night bus was to depart.

It ended up delayed leaving by an hour.

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