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We awoke to a stunning morning, misty with rays of sunlight shining through. What a blessing after all the rain and misery hiking in drenching conditions all day yesterday. Our boots and gear had dried in front of the heater and after our usual three course breakfast, we headed off for Padron.

There were many pilgrims (which was unexpected along this route and perhaps a little disappointing) along the way, however we met the same people every day and got to know them and had fun with them all.

There was the German couple, from North East Germany, about 300 km from Berlin, the first time I have ever met a German with a sense of humour. He was with his wife and kept insisting that he was on a shopping trip, of course there are no shops anywhere, so who knows.

We still keep bumping into the three Brazilians with the cowboy hat, the funniest group and everyone knows them. They sing, pick up girls and drink red wine at every coffee shop along the way.

We all say, if you want to know anything, have a question about a sign post etc, ‘ask the Brazilians because they know nothing,’ have no idea, ha ha so funny.

It was such a pretty walk today and after battling through the torrential rain yesterday, we were all so appreciative of the sunny conditions, not a poncho or pack cover in sight.

Gentle undulating pathways, sometimes old Roman roads, many farms growing kiwi fruit, grapes, pears, apples etc and the farmers and local folk out and about in the little villages and communities we passed seemed genuinely pleased to see us and wish us a Buen Camino.

The colours of the forests and vegetation were pretty and after all the rain yesterday, the countryside smelled and felt really clean and refreshed. The route is really pretty and

We had our usual halfway coffee break and trudged into Padron about 1.30 pm today, feeling a bit weary after a few days of walking between 20 and 30 km per day.

We still had a 2.5 km walk to our nights accomodation, another lovely old castle type mansion on the outskirts of the little town of Padron. Of course after the absolutely gorgeous mansion we stayed in last night, nothing could possibly live up to that place which was the highlight of our trip so far.

Our mansion tonight is lovely with massive super thick walls and so many nooks and crannies, quite intriguing.

We enjoyed a recovery beer in the courtyard garden, a quick shower and then went out to explore the old town.

We had a second recovery wine whilst waiting for the restaurants to open, nothing opens before 7- 8 pm and we are alway starving and dog tired after our big hikes by 6 pm, however the paella we enjoyed for dinner tonight was worth waiting for, the best one I have had in Spain so far.

Well, hik8nghiking conditions don’t sound great for tomorrow, rain all day I believe however tomorrow we arrive at our final destination, Santiago de Compostela, exciting.

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