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I woke at 3:30 this morning and thought that it felt cold in the RV. I reasoned with myself that it was toasty warm under the covers but finally went down to check the thermostat. That is when I discovered that the furnace was not even turned on. It was 38 degrees outdoors and only 59 inside the RV. I turned the furnace on, set it to 68 degrees, and hurried back to the warmth of the bed. It sure was nice when we crawled out of bed this morning to share our coffee.

Once the coffee was finished off I dressed warmly and went outdoors to prepare for airing the tires on the RV & the truck, and airing up the airbags on the air ride system. Our friend Steve drove over to help and all went smoothly until Steve was airing the inside dually on the truck. When he removed the air pressure sensor, the air continued to flow loudly out of the tire valve stem. To make a long story short we drove into the “Auto Zone” store where I purchased a Schrader Valve tool long enough to reach the inside dually. Back at the RV we soon had order restored and headed off to lunch.

In keeping my reputation intact, I took Steve to the Brewery which was closed. We then drove to a place called “Finn’s” where we found a good burger with fries. We added a cold beer and spent the next half an hour engaged in good conversation. I did take a burger home for Marilyn who is still under the weather.

Steve headed home to get ready for an adventure in Palmyra while Marilyn & I relaxed with some TV and our books for the remainder of the afternoon. Life is Good!

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