Moore's do Peru 2018 travel blog

Street art


Inside the basilica

Presidential Palace

Plaza Del Armas, Municipal Palace in background

Skylight of the Casa del la Literature (library)

Looking into the catacombs from the church


After breakfast we went around the local neighborhood and took some photos of the street art then we got a taxi to the historic area of Lima starting with  the Plaza De Armas. It is surrounded by the cathedral the municipal building and the government building. I paid too much for a local map, as you do.

Because it was sunday morning the Basilica was open with mass on so we got to go inside which was really amazing, real extravagant and opulant spanish catholic decorated.

We wandered round the square and through some tourist souviner shops and then stopped to watch the changing of the guard at the government building, quite long and full on.

Stopped into a historic building that was a library with a really ornate ceiling then on to the monastery and church of San Francisco. We went on a tour through the buildings which were absolutely amazing, dating back to the 17th century. Sadly no photos were allowed. It also included going through the catacombs under the church. All of the architecture and the paintings, wall friezes and tiling was just really incredible and so interesting. The old library looked like something out of Harry Potter!

After grabbing some dinner we went to a waterfall park, biggest in the world. It eased really nice and when the lights came on very pretty. Lots of families out enjoying themselves

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