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Walking along a well-used riverside was lovely

A bird’s eye view. If the bird is a duck

Looking across the river to the old city

It is a striking site

Wider stairs than many other towere we climbed

The scale of the tower is impressive

Imagine Columbus coming into view after he was supposed to fall off...

Great views all around

Old maps always catch my eye

A ship’s fiqurehead in the naval museum housed in the tower

Artwalk example

Right-sized quilting for the tourist trade



Tourists having fun outside the tower

The Bullfighter’s Farewell 1847 (from the collection in Malaga)

A Pass in the Bullring 1870 (from the collection in Malaga)

On this day, we walked the riverfront for a 7.8 km loop that included two terrific historical sites/museums. But before I go on, a bit of our own history seems appropriate.

In Spring 2018 we visited the Museo de Oro in Bogota, Columbia. It contains 55,000+ pieces of gold and other materials from all the major pre-Hispanic cultures in Colombia. We were enthralled by beauty of hand-crafted ceremonial, ritual, decorative and monetary pieces. We were appalled by the waves of genocides undertaken by the Spanish invaders.

So it was bizarre to stand atop of a tower over the Guadalquivir river. imagining Cortes’ plunder laden ships appearing on the horizon and shouts of “La flota ha llegado”

Somehow, when I walked past the tower on 2009, got it stuck in my head that the name Torre de Oro signified the arrival of all that gold. However, the tower predates the Spanish conquest of the Aztecs by 301 years.

Constructed as part of the city walls, it was named Torre de Oro to reflects the golden shine it projects on the river.

Today, the Tower is much visited for its views of the city. The 3€ fee to climb up includes admission to a a tiny naval museum highlighting the great global navigation Which brings us right back to blood=soaked treasure, after all.

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