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Having had a positive Eurostars experience in Santander we were pleased to find their property in Seville, the Regina, was likewise located a walkable distance from the sites of this historical city.

The room was nice, but it had warmed alot through the afternoon. I was keen to open the patio door to the narrow Juliet balcony and air-cool our new space.

The door had a very tight handle and seal and needed a tug. Well darned if my well-trained climber’s grip and mannish biceps didn’t pull the whole thing off its hinges!

I was mortified and Duncan was appalled. Being a handy sort of guy he attempted to manipulated it back into place, but no. It flopped off the top hinge giving me such grief.

I picked up the phone, dialed nine and in my most contrite Spanglish explained to the desk clerk that the patio door had “came off its hinges.”

She kindly said she would send a colleague up to inspect it for me. In comes a tiny older lady - the housekeeper type - and in no time she has that darn door operating just fine.

Turns out the entire door/window tips inward from the top frame so you need not unlock and swing the door open for ventilation.

That, my dear readers, is why one should travel - you learn something new everyday.

PS anyone who climbs with me can attest that I flatter myself - I am no where near that strong. Never was.

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