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October 14, 2018

Yesterday, Saturday we made the drive to Las Cruses New Mexico. Prior to leaving the American RV Resort Rose ran into a man who had just come from Las Cruses and he filled her in on some of the better Restaurants and sites to see. Well one of the tips was a local winery. This peeked our interest and once we arrived and setup our sites we were off to the winery.

The winery was “The ST Clair Winery and Bistro”. This was a really cool place. Even though a wedding was going on outside, the inside was still open to the public. We enjoyed sampling a few wines and had a excellent dinner. At one point the proprietor came over to our table and following a long discussion about his Winery and Vineyard, he treated us to another glass of wine. What a great evening. Should have taken some photos.

My phone died 2 days ago so the photos here were taken with my new Galaxy S9. plus through the window of the truck. so they may be questionable.

This drive was very scenic with Mountains and desert on both sides. Since leaving Oklahoma we have been traveling through more desert than anything else. It is very rugged country and it makes us wonder how people survived here in earlier years. We carry 40 gallons of water, 30 gallons of propane, and a freezer full of food. Basically a rolling home. A little different than the days of the wagon trains. Harsh, Harsh country. But in its ow right it is really beautiful.

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