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Neon Museum

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There were a couple of things in the downtown area I’d wanted to do yesterday but ran out of time so decided to do them this morning. The first was the Neon Museum on N Las Vegas Boulevard. I arrived at 10:15 but it turned out there were school groups going through and they weren’t selling tickets to the public until 11. Went back to my car, found a shady spot and read my book while I finished my coffee. This was a kind of unique “museum”. First of all, it was outside. It was a bunch of old neon signs that were display around a path in a yard behind the entrance lobby which its self had been the lobby for the La Concha Hotel whose sign was also on display in the yard. On the surface it sounds kind of boring but was actually rather interesting. I made 2 trips around the displays and snapped a number of pictures before heading out around 12. The other place I wanted to see was the Downtown Container Park which is on Freemont Street a couple of blocks from the Fremont Street Experience. This is an entertainment (restaurants, bars, shops, stage, playground) area where the “buildings” are made from the containers used in intermodal shipping and painted bright colors. I’d only wanted to check this out, so only spent about 15 minutes there before moving on.

On the bus tour on Monday the tour guide pointed out the “New” Welcome to Las Vegas sign which is where the city of Las Vegas actually begins (the Las Vegas Strip and the original Welcome to Las Vegas sign are actually in Paradise). I wanted snap a picture of the sign but didn’t remember exactly where it was so I just headed south on Las Vegas Boulevard. It was also lunch time and I was thinking about stopping at the same Denny’s I had gone to on Monday on the lower Strip. Then I saw a Denny’s and figured I’d stop at that one but missed the parking lot. As I went past it I saw the New sign! Circled back around and was able to get my pic and have lunch at the same time.

On Monday I had walked the Strip from Hawaiian Place to the Stratosphere and back. Decided I wanted to complete the “loop” by walking from the section from Hawaiian Place to the original Welcome to Las Vegas sign. Parked in a free lot a half mile north of the sign and walked down to the sign. Then walked back north on the Strip stopping at different places and taking pictures all the way back up to the Bellagio to catch another fountain show before heading back to the parking lot and then the hotel. I had to change hotels for this last night in town and was at the Residence Inn in Henderson. Checked in and cleaned up then went to their social hour for something to eat. Left around 8 to go pick up Bonnie at the airport. She hadn’t eaten so we stop for a bite and arrived back at the hotel around 10:30

Not being a gambler or drinker, I still had a nice time here. There are quite a few other interesting things to do and the people watching is superb. However, despite seeing some families, in my opinion it really isn’t a place for kids.

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