Mom and Dad’s fall trip 2018 travel blog

We arrived

Just passing through

Brady sleeps so goofy

*We drove to St Joseph Missouri .

*the scenery through Iowa and Missouri (so far) was corn fields. Miles and miles of corn


* I don’t like our camp site. Mostly long term residents. At least we aren’t in mud. On cement slab.

* Within minutes of getting here we went to the post office for stamps. Then to harbor freight.

* we had burritos for dinner.

* went to a laundromat

*we’ll stay here in st Joseph for two nights. Hope we find some kind of sites here.

* st Joseph is a just a stopping point. The rent is cheap so staying two nights.

The drive was a lot easier today, we weren’t. Battling the wind and rain so it was much more pleasant.

It was different seeing the Midwest again for me and the mom was very interested in the corn fields.

We get to put 2 more stickers on our map (Iowa and Missouri). We will have many more coming.

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