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This morning I had a follow-up visit with my ophthalmologist. He gave me the good news that the virus in my left eye is “dead”. This definitely was good news! He told me that I just need to finish the bottle of eye drops that he had prescribed at my last visit and that I need to continue taking Acyclovir tablets. He increased the dosage from 400 mg to 800 mg tablets to be taken twice a day to reduce the risk of another flare-up of the virus.

He also told me about a special type of contact lens that can bend the light coming into the eye around the scarred area of the cornea to greatly improve my vision in that eye. Needless to say, I latched onto that news! Due to their computer issues this morning, though, I couldn’t make the appointment for the contact fitting measurements, so they will have to call me later to set up the appointment. The special contact lens seems like a much better (and cheaper) option than a corneal transplant.

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