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I especially planned a rest day in Caminha before we started our pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela because I had read what a lovely little seaside/fishing town it is, right on the border of Spain.

We were not disappointed, it is a lovely, compact, pretty and very quiet little place with beautiful beaches and a fast running river through the town.

Our hotel room (I do believe we are the only ones staying here at present) overlooks the river and beach and we were treated to beautiful early morning sunrise pictures this morning.

We went out for a walk before breakfast and then a wander around the few shops there are and the local market which was interesting to see the locals going about their business. We bought a few fruit supplies for our hike tomorrow. The bunches of fresh garlic looked so fresh and ready to cook unlike the shrivelled up little single bulbs we see in Sydney.

I bought you a bunch, Ellen.

We decided to stretch our leg muscles in readiness for tomorrow’s hike and walked all along the river promenade onto the beach where we shed shoes after a refreshing beer and enjoyed a long and invigorating beach walk. Fifteen kilometres today already and we haven’t even been out for dinner yet.

We checked out the boatmen for early tomorrow morning when we hope to convince/bribe one of them to take us across to river to Guardia in Spain where we will start walking. The local ferry can’t run until after 2 pm as the tide will be too low, it is an incredibly fast flowing vigorous river with massive tides, reminds me a bit of our Camden Haven river at Laurieton.

By this stage is was most definitely beer o’clock so we stopped in the delightful town square for a beer, the town is very quiet with a lot of places closed down for the winter. A lovely atmosphere and we even checked out the Michellen star restaurant (amazing in such a small place as Caminha) but like so many European restaurants, does not open until 9 pm, way past our bedtime considering intended early morning start.

Lorna and I have had fun together and managed to get into some awkward situations, I blame Lorna who is a distraction, I’m normally well organised.

Yesterday morning, we left out bags at the guesthouse in Porto to be collected and delivered on our behalf to our hotel in Caminha, whilst we spent a great day together with our daypacks in Porto.

When we eventually caught the train about 4.30 pm to Caminha, I said to Lorna, hey do you know the name of the hotel we are staying at tonight, did you think to keep papers out. She looked at me blankly and then proceeded to howl with laughter, so here we are on a train to a strange town, our luggage has been delivered to a hotel we don’t even know the name of and Lorna thinks this is the funniest thing ever, we are both so disorganised.

She eventually found a phone number of some contact and then made me phone the guy to ask him which hotel we were supposed to be staying in, he must’ve thought what a useless couple of olde dears, how are they ever going to find their way to Spain on a hiking track??

So we’ve joked about this all day, sworn to keep it our secret, and now dear trip journal, I’ve recorded it as a funny travel moment.

I’m looking forward to crossing the border back into Spain tomorrow. My Spanish language skills are so much better than the mixture of fairly unintelligible French, Spanish, Portuguese and English I am currently trying to make myself understood with.

The weather at the moment is still good, lots of sunshine (unlike Sydney, I believe) although quite brisk, especially on the coast.

Ok, time to rouse Lorna as I’m starving, it’s time for dinner.

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