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We sure had a busy day today. It was a “Doctor Day”. After sharing the usual morning coffee we drove to Palmyra to visit our primary care physician who gave us the results of our lab work and made suggestions to my lifestyle. Marilyn is just fine but the doctor actually suggested that I lose some weight, cut down on portion size when I eat, forget about sugar, eat more fiber, exercise, and a bunch of other stuff. I may change doctors. LOL

We left the doctor’s office in Palmyra and drove directly to the hospital in Hannibal where I had an appointment with the doctor who diagnosed my cancer. Things went better here as the doctor informed me that my PSA was 0.00. Wow! I simply could not have better results than that. Then the nurse came in with a hypodermic needle about 4 inches long to give me my six month hormone injection. I must admit that the hormone injection is just a pain in the ____ (Fill in the blank)

The truth is that the first doctor did suggest some improvements I can make in my day to day living and gave me a prescription to help my cholesterol and my BP. Evidently my cancer therapy is doing quite well and we are happy about that.

Marilyn & I drove to Monroe City to retrieve some items from the safe deposit box and then returned to Hannibal to have lunch before going shopping for groceries. Now we are heading off to watch Colby’s football practice and have some quality time with our daughter.

Life is Good!

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