Mom and Dad’s fall trip 2018 travel blog

Crazy Horse Monument

Our selfie with the monument in the back ground

Mom in bead heaven (this was inside the visitors center for Crazy...

Brady is wanting some lovin’ because we left her behind

Found the horse for Gracie ;-)

Crazy HORSE monument in the snow

When fall meets winter.

The road we’re traveling.

Bridge that goes to mt Rushmore

Cute dad throwing horse shoes in our campground

My flowers we got yesterday

Today we woke up to a dusting of snow and it was snowing. The snow was sticking, but not to bad. We decided to keep our plans and visit Crazy Horse Monument. The roads were not to bad, the fog was pretty high so all was good we just had to deal with the snow flurries and the rain.

The monument was pretty in cool, we learned a lot about what it was all about. We got to see a portion of an Indian dance and that was pretty cool also. We were able to get to the monument viewing platform for just. We 5 cans of food. Pretty cheap. Probly the only downer was we had to leave Brady at the trailer in a kennel.

*Woke up to a snowy rainy day.

*We left at 10:00 am (dad wasn’t scared). Stopped and got a part for the trailer.

*We left Brady in her kennel :o(

*Went to Crazy Horse monument. Soooooooo interesting!!! It was super cloudy but still cool.

Went to the girt shop and got a magnet and Xmas ornament.

*Got home around 4:00.

*Brady was so happy!!

*Making hamburgers leftovers for dinner.

*Dad is going to take another shower in the campgrounds shower :/

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