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Yep, just cooling my heels as I wait for Lorna to arrive from Ireland so we can start our Camino. I am looking forward to her company, I’ve been travelling on my own for over a week now and missing personal company.

Although I did meet an interesting man over my lunchtime beer today (Wendy please make up a spare bed at Laurieton (Cameron away hiking the Himalayas at present) as I invited Bill to visit me in Australia and offered him a bed at Laurieton), Bill from New Jersey, USA however he was a refugee from Lithuania (a very interesting story and a two beer story, his shout).

He married a champion Equestrian from Aculpulco (older than him so she doesn’t like to travel anymore (told you it was a two beer story)) so he was on a (would you believe) 7 day bus trip with 35 other folk (he hadn’t joined them yet and I was beginning to think he was about to join me on my trip with Lorna) through Portugal and Spain. He was a champion Gymnast and ran his own Gymnasts school, you could tell he was still quite fit, interesting company.

I decided it was a day for wandering today although I hadn’t intended to wander around for almost 21 kilometres,

I am now trying to conserve my strength for our pilgrimage hike, but tend to get carried away or lost and my inquisitiveness makes me keep going just around the next block to see what’s there.

Being a Sunday morning , I decided to avoid the crowds and rather hang out with the locals in their parks etc., and it was lovely to see families and friends setting up picnics and gatherings, though it made me even more lonely.

After an early morning walk in one of the more famous Porto parks, following further research last night, I discovered that I’d missed out on the most interesting part of Foz beach yesterday. So I decided to return by bus today which took me further than yesterday’s tram and I discovered many kilometres of a very pretty beach promenade with lovely sandy beaches (though sea was quite rough today and a definite autumn chill in the sea air) and many cafes for drinks en route. Actually a lovely coastline, modern and up market location, so unlike the centre of Port.

By the time I returned to town, I was exhausted and quite happy to sit in the sun, in an outdoor bar, on a deck chair with a couple of beers and listen to Bill’s Stories.

I spent what remained of the afternoon on the opposite side of the river exploring the wine caves and experimenting with Ports.

Wendy, has Cameron rearranged his wine cellar yet to accommodate my new taste in wine ie. Port, especially cold white Port with the odd glass of chilled Green white wine made from very young grapes.

Lorna arrives tomorrow evening, so my trip dynamics will change and I imagine for the better.

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