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First of all today we are going to the Feria de Artasanos en Plaza Francia. We catch at taxi to the park but as the stallholders are still setting up we stop and have a coffee first. This market has stalls that wind their way in and around the park. There are maybe 50 or more. Most are selling hand made items like jewellery, clothing, scarves, kids toys, mate cups, knives, and more. Everything is good quality and it is a good market. No junk! We buy some booties for Tessa's baby and a trapeze artist doll that can hang in Madi's new room once her baby sister arrives and a little hand made dress for the new baby sister.

Its lunch time and we deicde to have lunch at a large outdoor cafe near the market. They seat us and no-one approaches us to take our order. I indicate to a waiter we are ready to order and he never comes back so we get up and leave. We then go to an upstairs venue that overlooks the park and have a ready made sandwich to share and a coke under an umbrella in the sunshine.

We are going to the Evita Musem and it is only a few kilometers away so we decide to walk. We pass by Evita Park where there is a statue of Eva Peron. In 1981 when we went to Europe and we went to see the musical Evita in London. It was fantastic and little did we think that one day 37 years later we would actually be in Argentina and visit her museum. The Museum is housed in a mansion that was owned by Eva Peron's foundation and was called Transition House no. 2. It is a beatuiful building and holds many of Evita's outfits that she wore and explains the work she did for womens rights including gaining the right of women to vote and helping the poor. She was a remarkable woman and it was really sad that she died at only 33 years of age from cervical cancer.

After the museum we go for a coffee in a shopping mall and then we go for a walk around the Botanical Gardens. Argentinians use their parks and gardens a lot. Part of the reason for this could be many of them live in apartments, so this is their opportunity to get out in the fresh air and the young ones often meet in parks to drink and share mate.

A taxi back to the Hotel and we walk to a local restaurant. Its 7pm and we order a G&T and a beer and study the menu. Everyone else in the cafe is drinking coffee and eating litttle snacks. either sweet or savory. Our waiter puts a little table runner on our table and no-one else's table has one. We sip on our alcoholic drinks whilst they all have coffee. We order, steak for me and fish for Phil and a plate of vegetables to share. The next thing the waiter brings over this enormous plate of starters, with 8 little dishes containing a little slider, two salads, olives, ham, cheese, chicken and pork and marinated eggplant along with a basket of bread and a slice of toasted bread with tomato and melted cheese. We look at it and each other and say, we didn't order this! We call the waiter over and he assures us it's complimentary. We eat just over 1/2 the tray and no bread but have to leave the rest as we still have our main courses to come. Then when they arrive we get two serves of veggies, when we only ordered one to share. Fortunately, the serves aren't huge, big but manageable. Then when the waiter clears the plates he puts down some sweet biscuits. Wow, so much food. Too much! It was a little un-nerving to sit there and eat dinner when no-one else was. We will have to ask our guide Diego why Argentinians drink coffee at 7 to 7.30pm! When do they eat their dinner?

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