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After our menu del dia lunch, we had a short walk to Parque del Buen Retiro. We lay down for siesta in the sun/shade and before long an older fellow began playing his accordion, adding to the ambiance and enticing me to linger longer.

We plan to go back to the park and take a rowboat picnic later this week. Our son Aidan did a term of university in Madrid and boating on the lake is one of the (surprisingly few) activities he w/could share with us. Despite his term in Spain and months travelling afterwards, I still suspect he needs to go back and see Europe by daylight someday.

In Retiro we took in a free art show in the Casa de Vacas building, which featured realistic paintings by contemporary Spanish artists. I had to change angles to see brushstrokes on some of them, they were that good. I also took some photos in which I could see the brushstrokes so I can practice at home.

I also experienced, over the following few days, an AESOP’s Fables educational opportunity, as follows;

My September 29 Facebook post

Happy belated birthday Gary Arnold. Sorry I was delayed a day. this photo explains it all. Gary knows the backstory well, so for others, as you may recall, on Feb 27 of 2018, day three of our South America trip, I sustained nine fractures while trying to learn to kiteboard in Panama.

Duncan has since banned me from trying any new adventure sports. He didn’t even want me to rent one of the e-bikes or e-scooters that make getting around Madrid so efficient.

That just gets my ODD up, so of course I HAD TO! Check out my e-scooter photo; managed to break my prior personal record by getting injured on Day 2 this trip.

My subsequent Facebook Post of October 4, 2018

Well folks, I am really starting to feel foolish for making that post about my scooter fall.

Check out comment #1. It was a joke - the fall part anyway - but it has turned on me as I have alarmed several terrific people unnecessarily

My apologies.

It’s like the Boy Who Cried Wolf, but backwards. Must say I am honoured that so many people responded with care and concern.

Again, my apologies

Be assured there’s no way Duncan McColl would have let me try a scooter for real.

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