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Porto, well if it’s good enough for Chris Niven (certainly a well renowned traveller) it’s certainly good enough for me!

I knew I was going to enjoy Porto, Chris raved about it and so did a Bruce and Margaret, now it’s at last my turn.

I’m staying in a little hotel right in the centre, a great little place, about $40 cheaper than Madrid and a bigger and better room. Not only that, but Lorna will be pleased to know that the free shampoo suits my laundry much better, I now smell more of aloe vero than violet lavender, a vast improvement.

Porto is at first a bit of a shock to the system after Madrid which is a modern big city where everything works reasonably well, Porto on the other hand is a little grubby and shabby around the edges, and I love it, just my sort of city. It oozes personality and character. Again the local population are friendly, helpful and lovely to be around.

How did I accomplish so much today? I was going to take it easy and slowly ease into a new city, new country after a hectic day of airports, aeroplanes, unfamiliar metros and new maps not to mention a new vocabulary to contend with, but I dumped my bags real quick and the first thing I did was enjoy a Portuguese tart. I am restricting myself to one a day!

I wandered in a daze down to the river where all the action is and after a beer beside the water thought I would leave the big climb up to the bridge at least until tomorrow after my big travel day, but you know what, it was right there in front of me, the challenge was too great and now I’ve done it, already crossed the mighty Pointe Luis I bridge and loved the views, plus it gave me a good perspective on the city of Porto.

So I think tomorrow will be a good day to do the free walking tour to get my bearings and find my way around this attractive and colourful city of Porto.

I love all the excellent buskers wherever you go and the colourful especially blue (my fav colour) tiles everywhere, subways, walls, floors, passageways. They look so pretty and make the city so colourful.

Well, let me leave it there, for goodness sake, I’ve only been here for an arvo and an evening and am already raving about the place.

Lorna you will love it.

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