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Cosmopolitan Hotel in Old Town

View From South Beach Bar & Grille

The Bubble Man of Ocean Beach

San Diego From Point Loma

Point Loma Lighthouse

From Sunset Cliffs Park

Looking North From Sunset Cliffs Park

Looking South From Sunset Cliffs Park

Had what I thought were going to be just a few odds and ends of places on the agenda for today and wasn’t sure if I was going to have enough to fill the day. Turns out it was quite a busy day. Started out back at Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, where I had started the trolley tour on Monday, w/ a self-guided walking tour of the park. This area is a mix of original buildings, partially rehabilitated original buildings, reconstructed historic buildings, and historic sites where new buildings have been constructed. The map identified 24 spots of this nature. Some of the buildings were small museums while others housed various businesses. There are also buildings of the period which house additional businesses. Spent about 2 ½ hours doing the tour.

Next headed out to Ocean Beach for lunch at the South Beach Bar & Grille. Somewhere along the way this place was recommended in something I read. It has a narrow porch around the second floor, a ledge to put your plate on and barstools. The view is pretty nice, the Pacific and the Ocean Beach Pier but the food, I had fish and chips, was only so so. After lunch, strolled Newport Street for a couple blocks, then took a walk out onto the pier. At nearly 2000 feet, it is the longest concrete pier in the US (or west coast, or world, or something).

I had the Point Loma Lighthouse on my list but didn’t realize or didn’t remember that this area is also the sight for the Cabrillo National Monument. My National Park Pass paid off again saving me the $15 entrance fee. In addition to the lighthouse there is a visitor’s center and some other sites as well as wayside markers discussing issues of natural and historic significance. There is also a bayside trail I would have liked to hiked but it closed at 4 and I only discovered it about 3:45. I was here from 2:30 until 4:45 but this is the type of place I could spent nearly a full day. The views of San Diego, Coronado, and the bay and ocean are incredible from this vantage point. If you’re ever in the area, I’d say this is a must do item.

My final stop of the day was Sunset Cliffs Natural Park back in Ocean Beach. The park has a linear portion to it that runs for perhaps a mile along the ocean next to Sunset Cliffs Boulevard. People were just hanging out, I guess waiting for sunset (although they were disappointed today because it was cloudy). I spent a half hour walking along the cliffs. There are some fairly average looking houses along this stretch of the street but I suspect they are rather pricey just due to the view. Drove the length of Sunset Cliffs Boulevard back into the main part of town then hooked up w/ I-8 to head home.

A great few days here in San Diego. Ticked off basically everything on my itinerary. This is one place in California that I would definitely be interested in coming back to.

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