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Ahh yes, Madrid, we have certainly had fun together over the past few days and I think I know Madrid pretty well by now.

This morning I wondered over to a large smart shopping mall in the local suburb in which I am staying, fun to check out the supermarket and observe the local population doing their shopping.

I purchased a couple of new t shirts to replace existing ones not looking so great, I permanently smell like a bottle of shampoo as I rinse my clothes out in free hotel shampoo every night, poor Lorna, how is she going to put up with me.

After that I went wandering in a different direction this morning and came across a Multiple sclerosis rally or gathering of some sort and they were thrilled to chat to me. There were groups with their carers from all over the city gathered together for a special outing to see a movie. They were all so excited and enjoying their outing and all the attention so much, a lovely experience and great way to start the day.

By this time it was lunchtime so I stopped at the famous Jamon Museum for a feed of ham and cheese with a Sangria, all for $5.

It was then that I hit Plaza Mayor to discover that the worlds largest number of soccer fans had descended upon all the bars lining the plaza and had taken over from the usual throng of tourists. I had the best afternoon with them, so much fun and noise. They sang and chanted, with the sound reverberating off the plaza walls and into the narrow alleyways, a fantastic sound. Of course not even a bird could fly past without the fans guffawing and carrying on, you can imagine what happened when a Japanese tourist pitched up with a camera, or a young girl walked past in a short skirt. It was hilarious, I bought a very large beer and joined them, finding out in my ‘getting better Spanish’ who was playing etc.

Cameron, please don’t bother to make up a bed at Laurieton, I think you better just book up all the rooms in the Laurieton hotel, I think we may run out of beds as I made so many new besties with the Soccer fans.

I have never seen so much beer consumed before, the poor waiters were dead on their feet and it was a bit like Octoberfest in Germany seeing them carry a dozen beers at a time.

Ahh, Evan and Rachel, I wished I could’ve shared it with you two, you would’ve loved it. I tried to take your advice and go to the game Evan, but discovered the game only started at 9 pm, was way out of town near the airport and if tickets were available, they were going to cost 80 euro.

So I went to a very interesting exhibition at the Banco de Espana instead. Don’t ask how I found out about this rather unusual exhibition (mostly in Spanish) (all my research notes came in handy) but it was held on a rooftop of the cultural centre and was such a cool place to sit back and enjoy a glass of bubbles, so I did. Great views of the city.

Time to say Adios to Madrid as I head off to meet Lorna in Porto, can’t wait to return to Portugal, I loved it last time, especially the Portuguese custard tarts (mind you, Margaret makes an incredibly good replica, yum).

A shame the Cabillero (with the swinging pony tail, sans shining armour) is not still around to guide me to the airport. Anyway, I figure one change on the Metro at 8 o clock in the morning with luggage at peak time, ughhhh, should do it.

Now for Portugal .....

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