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The weather has turned rainy.

So today we decided to drive to Bryce Canyon - just up the road about 50 miles. Bryce Canyon is a place children love. HooDoos on steroids.

Today should have had virtually no one there. But when Larry and I set out to do a hike in rainy weather the trail was inundated with Chinese tourists with phones on sticks. It was rather a hoot. Especially when an older couple decided that Larry and I looked like locals and decided that they had to take photos with us. So somewhere in China I can see those folks telling tales about these old folks who were walking down/up the trail. I can't even imagine what intrigued them about Larry and me.

This however was a great choice for a hike on a rainy day. The hikes are relatively short (around 6 to 7 kms) but the landscape is weird and beautiful.

Years ago I took my daughter, Heather, on a road trip where we hiked in Bryce Canyon. Heather was around 4 or 5 years old - wearing a little yellow hat and an orange school pack. I just remember this little kid walking along in the heat and she was so proud when folks would tell her how incredible it was that she was hiking down in that canyon.

I was sort of saying this same thing to little Larry during this hike.

Actually, it was a pretty easy hike and lovely because we missed all the rain until about 3 minutes before we got to our car.

This is a must see place.


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