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Joaquin Sorollo Captured my heart with this image

. ..and not a single photo as they are not permitted. Even without the distraction of a camera, we barely made it through the exhibits, regarded as one of the world's finest collections of European art. The Prado turns 200 in 2019 and now owns about 8200 paintings. Only about 1300 are on display, as I recall, but still nine hours and by no means did we stop at each one.

Having taken a few painting lessons over the past couple of years, I was even more in awe of the artistry than when I visited the Prado 2009. Francisco Goya, Hieronymus Bosch, El Greco, Peter Paul Rubens, Titian and Diego Velázquez and so many others with styles and techniques all their own. My best attempts look like toilet paper when compared to even the “cartoons” Goya did as designs for tapestries to be hung on the stone walls of palace rooms in winter. Cartoons being the roughs that are never painted as finished art but rather are used as designs for tapestries to hang as beautiful insulating panels on palace walls in the winter.

That said, I am inspired to try again - beginning with a recall of the five paintings I gave as gifts two years ago. They need lots more work!

For the record, my phone app says we did 8.6 kms today. All but two of them were in the museum.

OK, I was a naughty girl and I did snap a photo of one stunning piece before the docent snapped at me. I see my beautiful boys in it and truly could not resist this work by Joaquin Sorollo.

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