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If you were a Swiss guard at the Vatican this is what...

Rather than this Swiss guard subdued outfit!

Tom's Testamonium

Bikes ´safely’ stored in the hotel foyer mere feet away from the...

Back at St Peters square

Gaylene and Goran’s boxed bikes are delivered... by bike!

The deliverer makes his values clear


Oops. Don’t want to get caught in train doors in Rome

Love the wooden bike

A few days of relaxation and sightseeing in Rome.

We said our farewells to Ian on Sunday night, as he was taking the train to Verona early on Monday morning.

Monday Tom, Richard and I went to the Vatican in search of our pilgrim Testamonium document. The place was open but alas they were too busy with other things, and asked us to come back in the afternoon. So we queued up for a look at St Peters cathedral. After about 45 mins the guys got in but my knees were showing (I was in shorts) and I was vanquished by the dress code police. Good news is I returned to the pilgrims office and got the Testamoniums for Ian, Tom and I without any issues. There were 3 other walking pilgrims getting theirs. This was nothing like Santiago de Compostela. Tom decided to exit the cathedral and he joined me, leaving Richard to enjoy the rest of the of the cathedral wonders.

After a few struggles to find the required bus stop, Tom and I caught the bus back to the hotel area, had a bit of very late lunch and then relaxed before meeting the others for an Indian dinner.

Gaylene and Goran had spent much of the morning organising to have their bikes cleaned, boxed and delivered back to the hotel ready for the flight home.


Tom, Richard and i left the hotel early , hoping to beat the crowds to the Coliseum. Well we didn’t beat them but it did get much worse later on. The most exciting info I learnt about the coliseum was that it only took 7years to build and in the early days they used to flood it and have naval ‘games’ in there. Meanwhile Gaylene and Goran were getting their Testamoniums.

Richard spent the rest of the afternoon exploring Rome on foot whilst Tom and I went to see the Spanish Steps, then the Trevi Fountain (which was very impressive even in its current dry state), then we wandered back to the hotel doing a bit of window shopping along the way.

Back at the hotel we collected our bikes and found a local park where we cleaned them before the big train trip back.

Evening finished with everyone having their final holiday meal together before going our separate ways the following day.

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