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Ticket line-up in low season



The Royal hunting grounds

The front drive opposite the grand entry

Guest arriving for example

Stairway opposite the driveway (front door)

Stairway / front door

Ceiling detail above stairway / front door

View of entryway from top of stairway

Tapestry at the top of the stairway

Seated below the tapestry, a king posed as the Romans did

The current Royal Family - Dad has since abdicated so son is...

Yup, it’s a really big Palace



A king posed in the style of Roman senators to stress the...

Tapestru above the king statue at top of grand stairway








The throne room

Looking across the Real Casa de Campo back attne RoyalPalace.

The general layout of the palace

The Royal Palace of Madrid, completed in 1764 after the former palace was destroyed by a fire on Christmas Eve 1734 is the largest royal palace in Europe. Every single room is a unique treasure box. Well, every single room of the 23 opened for touring, anyway

Unfortunately no photos are allowed, beyond the grand entry staircase, so what few interior photos you see are taken from a book on the gift shop.

Intending to intimidate visitor, most Royal Armoury buildings display guns, cannons and other weapons. King Phillip II, however, chose to display suits of parade, tournament and battle armour crafted for himself, his father Emperor Charles V and other ancestors. This impressive and important collection even includes suits sized from boyhood through to what was for a rather portly man. Of course the king’s horses were also well-armoured, but who would have expected one made for his dog? These pieces truly are works of both craftsmanship and engineering. It would be interesting if the information had included how much each weighed.

Though the royals now take up residence in palace(s) elsewhere around Madrid this is still a worksite used for many state ceremonies. In fact, when I came with Vicki & Anil in 2009 we were turned away on our first attempt because the king was on site.

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