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We’ve had a lovely time in Copenhagen but it’s now time to move on to the south for the few days we have free before our bike and barge tour.

We’re heading to Auxerre, southeast of Paris, which is where we are to start our tour. From there we’ll take a few days to explore the area before we get on the bikes.

We had tricky logistics to manage today. We flew Easyjet to CDG Paris, then had to take the train to Chatelet-Les Halles station in the city, metro to Paris-Bercy train station, train to Laroche-Migennes, and then we had 11 minutes to change trains for the final leg to Auxerre. We allowed 2 hours to get from CDG to Paris-Bercy which we thought would be enough, but what with trying to figure out tickets and where the transfer points were, we only just made it to Bercy in time. And then, of course, it being France, the train to Laroche-Migennes was late, so we missed the connection to Auxerre. Fortunately there was another train less than an hour later, so it wasn’t a disaster.

Tired and harried, we arrived in Auxerre in the dark and found ourselves at the wrong hotel. We had booked at an Ibis, but there are three Ibises in Auxerre! Fortunately the hotel we wanted was just a little further down the road, so we soon were sorted in an almost brand new building (three months old!) just across the Yonne River from the town. We were way too tired to try and find proper food in town so we mingled with the locals at a nearby Burger King - more junk food, but in our state, it tasted pretty good!

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