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I was glad to escape LA this morning, although she did leave me w/ one parting gift. An ant infestation in my car!! On my way to the Nixon Presidential Museum in Yorba Linda, I felt something crawling on my arm and when I looked down saw an ant. Then I looked over at my console and saw a couple crawling around there. I figured no big deal they must have gotten on my shoes. When I got to the Museum and opened my driver’s door I notice a bunch more crawling along the floor molding and carpet. Now I’m becoming concerned so I opened the back door on the driver’s side and there’s dozens of them crawling along the molding and carpet. So now I’m planning a trip to Walmart after the museum to get spray and traps which I do. When I came out from Walmart I opened the rear passenger side door first and there are hundreds of the little buggers scurry along the molding and carpeting! I hit ‘em w/ the spray which stops them in their tracks and set the traps at strategic locations. As I’m driving to San Diego I starting thinking about the box of food I have in the back. It is mostly sealed stuff…soups, single serve mac ‘n cheese, nuts, etc; but I had thrown a box of donuts in there this morning that I’d had in my room. But I thought “Naaah”, they couldn’t have found those in the few hours since I’d put them there this morning. When I got to the hotel I pulled out the donuts, and you guessed it, crawling w/ ants so those went straight to the trash can sitting across the parking. I don’t understand how that happens. I guess one of them crawled up the tires and into the car and the others followed. What a pain in the neck. And that just seals the deal for me regarding LA. I can’t envision the circumstances that would make me want to go back there, or to San Francisco for that matter. Between the traffic, the busted window, and now this ant thing, I’ve had enough of those 2 places.

Anyway, the Nixon Museum. Arrived just before they opened at 11. This one was laid out a bit differently than the others I’ve visited. Most simply take a chronological approach, but this one started w/ events of the 60s (civil unrest, assassinations, war protests, etc) leading up to Nixon’s election in ’68. Then it went right into the Vietnam war which of course, other than Watergate, was the defining event of his presidency. Then it touched on some of the other major moments of his presidency, for example, the visit to China and the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks w/ Russia. Then his political career prior to being elected president and finally his birth and growing up. I was there until 4:45, 15 minutes before closing, although I had run out for lunch around 1 which cost me 45 minutes or so.

By the time I got on the road after the Walmart run it was 5:30. Although traffic was relatively heavy, it was moving and I got to the Residence Inn shortly after 7.

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