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Today I have an appointmnet for a colour at the hairdressers where I had my pedicure done. My appointment is at 10.30. I explain my Aussie haidresser uses no 6 with ash and a toner and I dont like my hair 'yellow'. He wants to put in some foils which is I agree to. He is very fussy with the foils and actually puts bleach on the alfoil first and then lays the hair on that, adds more bleach and seals it all up. One they are all in I sit there for quite a while, must be at least 20-30 minutes. Then I go to the basin and "the apprentice" a young guy from Venezuela washes it all out. My original hairdresser comes back and then puts in the colour all over my hair while it is wet- most unusual. This is done very quickly and then I sit for maybe 10-15 minutes and this is all washed out and I think a toner is then left in for 5 minutes and that is all washed out. The upshot of this, is I end up with a lovely colour for A$63. Bargain and the staff are really nice there, even though no-one speaks English. I don't get out of there and home until 2pm. We had lunch and as it was a coolish day we decided to watch the AFL GF, Collingwood vs West Coast Eagles. A great match, really good footy and West Coast won by 5 points but the match could have gone either way.

At 5.30 we walk up to the BellaVista area, where all the Uni students go and have a drink at Don Simon Restaurant, as we spoke to a guy there a few weeks ago on the way back from the funicular. Well a bit disppointed, Phils beer wasn't cold and I got a small one glass bottle of 2008 Sav Blanc 'Gato' that looked the colour of wee and that wasn't cold either. So we went back to our favourite Krossbar. Here I had a huge gin and tonic (really a double) and Phil 3 glasses of red wine and we ordered some croquettes and empanadas. They have some great share plates and thats all we need when we are having a drink. Lovely night although, it got a bit cold at the end.

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