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Sunday in Madrid, so I did what the locals do and spent an extremely lively morning at the huge El Rastro Flea Market in La Latino area. Many Spanish musicians, artists, antiques and everything else you could think of to purchase. I bought a Spanish comic book of the local hero in a bid to improve my Spanish which is only slightly better than my French.

I expected Central Madrid to be totally chaotic on a Sunday morning, so took myself further afield to one of the nicest outer suburbs in Madrid to visit an Auschwitz exhibition that looked interesting. It was obviously a well to do area, many Jewish families strolling and stopping at the up market cafes and restaurants for Sunday lunch, interesting to see the other side of Madrid rather than just touristy central area.

The Auschwitz exhibition was both humbling and extremely well presented, most informative, pretty graphic with lots of film footage which has only recently been discovered and many personal accounts of survivors which creates an even bigger sense of reality, into the exhibition.

The theme was shoes (so very many of which survived the holocast) and wheels (trains taking people to Auschwitz) however was broken into 4 sections.

The Encounter (a dot on the map, the wheel set and the Shoe, 27/1/1945), Before Auschwitz (ending withThe Invasion, Occupation and Germanization of Poland), Auschwitz (through to Liberation) and finally After Auschwitz (The Survivors and The World that is Lost).

The exhibition was exhausting emotionally so I returned to hotel for a quick splash in the shower before returning to Madrid centre in the evening for a walking Spanish Inquisition tour which I was interested in doing.

It was about 3 hours long but really interesting, not just the religious intolerance and repression but the political aspects and of course was so much about Royalty.

A tapas dinner rather late with a walk around the city which was absolutely exploding with life and activity, noise and partying.

I’m amazed yet again that Europeans stay up so late, even the children are still out eating and having fun at 10.30 at night. Although it is dead quiet until at least 10 am in the mornings.

I am enjoying the daylight saving , especially in Spain which is light even later than the rest of Europe although still really dark at 7am.

I am having fun with the Spaniards, really easy to get along with, especially on my own as they are so helpful. The men are extremely attractive, I keep trying to detect whether they are wearing eyeliner and mascara with those beautiful dark eyes. In fact, Cameron please make up another bed at Laurieton as if I get an opportunity to bring a gorgeous looking Spanish Cabillero (sans ponytail) home with me I will (perhaps I’ll bring home two Wendy, one for you and one for me - Alan can sleep in study).

Ok, off to Toledo for the day.

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