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Lake Contance....beautiful

some landscapes were barren but still spectacular

vineyards, vineyards and even more vineyards along the Rhine

no grapes but still very pretty

Selestat, Colmar, Ribeauville .....

.....and Eguisheim were all amazingly colourful ....

.....with spectacular rivers

gorgeous medieval buildings ....

.....of all shapes and sizes ....

.....dotted the waterfront ....

..... and main square areas

Light rain got us underway for our easy drive on to France and except for a few areas the traffic was light although motorbikes became more noticeable to the point of making us envious.

That envy was short lived when temperatures dropped to 6C.

Suddenly we were quite happy to sit back with the heater on, enjoy our situation and hope that the bike riders had heated grips and seats.

Vineyards dominated most of the drive especially around the Rhine which we crossed unexpectedly. The slopes and valleys were full of grapes and looked beautiful. This was a very pretty landscape.

A stopover in Selestat in the gorgeous Alsace region was fantastic where we enjoyed a unit, or “gite” as the French would say, right in the middle of the medieval old town. Evening walks through the narrow winding streets among many very ornate buildings was fantastic and extremely memorable.

Even more memorable was La Petite France in Strasbourg, one of the most beautiful medieval areas we had visited so far. Old buildings, canals and cobbled streets all contained in a single area in the middle of Strasbourg. Very spectacular.

As if we had not had enough 'colour' in Strasbourg we added more by visiting other Alsace villages including Ribeauville, Colmar and Eguisheim. The circular layout of Eguisheim seemed to 'welcome' us to walk its cobbled lanes and admire its amazing medieval buildings of all shapes and sizes. It quickly became a big favourite.

We based ourselves in Belfort, a town at the southern end of the 'Route of Vines D'Alsace' which allowed us to visit other great towns like Thann and Mulhouse before heading west to continue our adventure.

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