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The small theatre

Riley crossing the street

Along the street

The crowd waiting to get into the brothel


Sarah on Vesuvius

We missed having breakfast this morning because by the time I woke the kids and we were all organised, we didn't have a lot of time before we had to meet the tour bus to Pompeii and Vesuvius. Fortunately, the meeting point was just across the square from where we are staying and our guide arrived shortly after we did.

Grand final day in Australia and the mighty Eagles were playing so Riley and I had our noses stuck in the live scores as we made our way to the meeting point and then on to Pompeii.

We were met at Pompeii by our local guide and commenced our tour. Again, distraction with the footy. How sad is that? Here we were, in one of the most amazing archeological sites in the world and Riley and I were tuned into live scores of the game. We were very excited with the result and could then get with the tour.

Our guide gave us a good overview of what history tells us happened with the eruption and how the city was preserved. How the volcano was over 3000 metres high at the time of the eruption, now it is 1281 metres. There were 40 public fountains and 26 brothels. It's easy to walk along one of the almost intact streets and image you are back more than 2000 years ago. Seeing the ruts in the street cobblestones from the chariots, the domus (house) and gardens, the brothels with the stone beds (so the guests didn't get too comfortable and hang around too long). The two theatres are well preserved and the large theatre is still used today. It was a very interesting visit.

We had free time at Pompeii for lunch and souvenir shopping. We also found gelato that was suitable for Riley so he was happy.

Then, back into the mini van and off to Vesuvius. It was a long drive up around lots of hairpin turns and then a reasonably long walk up to the crater. Riley was disappointed that it was a walk, not a climb. He was expecting something different with us scaling huge boulders. Even so, Sarah reached the meeting point for the English speaking volcanic guide a while before we did. I was puffing a bit and my sore muscles from the walk from Monterosso to Vernazza kicked in and let me know they were there. Did I say English-speaking guide? He took us a bit further up the edge of the crater and proceeded to rattle off a lot of statistics, most of which we couldn't understand as his English wasn't very good. We listened for about 10 minutes and then decided to give the rest a miss and walk further up the mountain. Beautiful views from the mountain although a bit hazy. We would have liked to walk around the whole crater however it looked as though that had to be arranged separately and we didn't have time.

Time for home. We were all feeling a bit weary so agreed to have some downtime and then go out for dinner. The downtime happened and no one could be bothered going out for dinner so Nana went and bought takeaway. We then went up to the rooftop terrace and checked out Naples by night. Pretty.

Our general feeling is that we wouldn't rush back to Naples. We are close to the ltrainstation and whereas our hotel is clean and comfortable, outside is noisy and dirty. I don't think we've heard cars tooting as much anywhere we've been. We haven't given Naples much of a chance though as we haven't explored the city.

We checked with our consierge how to get to the ferry port as we are off to Sorrento tomorrow and thought we'd catch the ferry.

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