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Sedan Castle Wall

Hotel in Sedan Castle

View from my room

Castle gate to the city below

Vassals at the castle

Castle at night

Castle at night

Escargot (yum)

My room at Sedan Castle

On our last night on the road, we stayed in Sedan, the fortress city on the French-Belgian border where the final battle of the Great War was fought. At Sedan, the Allies captured the most important German rail supply line.

We didn’t really have any WWI sites to tour in Sedan, but we got our final briefing at our overnight hotel, which happened to be in a castle that was first built in the 11th century. Lots of additions since then, but still...really old. Part of the castle has been converted into a 5-star hotel with an absolutely fabulous 59 rooms. While the stone exterior wall and window opening was original, the interior of my room was very modern. The bathroom was spa-like. The restaurant was perfection (best snails I ever had). It was a really delightful surprise to all of us. We got a 2-hour tour of the whole castle in the morning and learned by Sedan was so strategically advantageous that it was nearly destroyed in almost every European war. Fortunately, the castle always survived. Might have something to do with having 36-foot-thick exterior walls.

I just wanted to share some photos of this amazing place.

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