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After a final early morning walk to take pictures of the fascinating Aqueduct walls in early light and as the moon was still shining above the walls, I got some great pics. Loved Segovia.

After a short train trip to Madrid, we hit the track running, within half an hour of arriving we were out with our Cabillero on an orientation walk in Madrid Central, 28 degrees and a million people around.

My second time here, I should’ve known what to expect, however I enjoyed all those beautiful little towns like a Sarlat, Tours and Segovia, Madrid was a bit of a shock to the system.

Unlike me, I hit a brick wall and after our orientation walk, instead of embarking on my usual lengthy exploration adventure, I opted to return to our hotel for a couple of hours. We are staying in a really nice local suburb opposite an old Bullring which now houses bars and cafes and holds exhibitions (currently an African one) only about a 15 minute metro ride from the central. What a pleasure to come back to the locals walking their dogs, kids playing etc and just a break from the madness of Madrid central.

I spent the arvo attending to domestics, planning life on my own for the next week as I wait for Lorna to join me

and planning my next 4 days in Madrid.

I felt exhausted after 2 weeks of full on travel and activity, starting to show my age methinks. Our Intrepid group couldn’t believe it and offered to recharge my Eveready pink bunnies, however, I just needed to regroup and balance my soul with my senses.

We went out for our final farewell dinner as a group, our Cabillero took us to an excellent restaurant that specialises in paella and Sangria (even though we are not in Valencia). A great evening together, we bid each other farewell and safe trip home, promised to keep in touch, which we won’t.

It is quite a big transition after spending two weeks together and then be on my lonesome again, even though we were really only together on train trips, during the day we would all follow our own interest and then meet up again together for our amazing gourmet dinners together.

Ok, so now I need to get my head around Madrid.

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