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We went over to the house to see if we could help with the cleanup. And good thing we did, since it was only the grooms parents, Daren and Margot, and us. We packed up all the table decorations, folded and then loaded the tables, figured out what to do with the leftover flowers, wine and beer kegs. We were there about 3-4 hours, and the others had started even before we got there. The rental company took down the large tents. And the stage rental people folded and removed the stage. It all looked pretty good when done!

We had spent much time anticipating this wedding, so kind of expected kind of a let down when it was finally over. But that is not to be, as Tyler and Meaghan are planning their wedding for next April, and Eric and Heidi are planning theirs for next September. So, another exciting year to come!

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