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We left the campground in Oklahoma a day early so we could get to Pagosa, as there was much to do when we got there. We spent our first night in the Walmart in Garden City. This particular Walmart had a large parking area set aside from the regular parking, which made for a much more pleasant night with less traffic and noise. Don took the time to check out the leaf spring pin on our trailer before we left as that had been making a loud noise we did not like when turning sharply (as in parking.) He came out from under the trailer with bad news, “the pin is bent.” Of course my first thought is “are we going to be safe going over Wolf Creek Pass?) The decision was yes, so we drove on in to Pagosa. We spent the first 2 nights in Westfork Campground, one of the ones we will be managing next summer. The hosts had done a magnificent job; the bathrooms were spotless and the campground was neat and orderly.

Our first order of business was to get an appointment to get the trailer looked at. Luckily the first place we stopped was able to do it, so we made an appointment for the following Monday.

While in Pagosa, there were many things to accomplish and many people to see. We watched the Broncos game with long-time friends, Nancy and Bill. We drove up to Vallecito Reservoir to see good friends, Kathy and Johnny. They were actually the ones who got us into our manager job; they were hosting at Vallecito this past summer. We spent some time with our wonderful ex-neighbor, Phyl. And we drove up to Durango to meet with our supervisors and good friends for the coming year, Don and Sherry. We grilled them about everything that we had missed by not managing this year so we could get ready to step into that position next summer. Their summer was fraught with many challenges, not the least being the fires and the forest shut down, so picking up the slack for next year should prove very interesting indeed.

The man who fixed our trailer said the pin was broken and he replaced on of the leaf springs, so it was a good thing we got it done when we did. We spent the last 2 nights in our other ex-neighbor’s driveway. Thank you Nova! So sorry we missed seeing you!

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