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Settled in and ready to go!

Farewell, Sydney.

The inflight meals were surprisingly good!

Odyssey to China Day 1.

After a long, 14 month wait - not to mention a few scares over the last couple of weeks - we are on the way!

Sydney gave us a very chilly farewell. As we stood on the platform, waiting for our train to the airport in a bracing 7 degrees C, we contemplated the journey we have experienced so far, and we haven’t even left the country! We have had a real mixture of excitement, anticipation, fear of loss (and sadness for those that did lose their trips), as well as a sense of gratitude that things have seemingly worked out for us. This has all heightened our anticipation of what is to come, and given us preparedness and determination to just go with the flow and enjoy every moment. We certainly feel somewhat blessed that things have worked out so far.

Sydney airport has undergone a fairly radical change since we last flew out of here (in March). The familiar check in counters are fast disappearing and being replaced with self service stations. We regret the loss of the personal touch, but this seems to be the way of the future.

With just a couple of procedural hiccups in security, we were through to airside pretty quickly. It was then we decided that, if we needed a meal before boarding (breakfast, today), we would have been better off doing that before immigration and security. Given our fairly recent conversion to a whole food, plant based lifestyle, we found very little to tempt us at the airside eateries! Never mind, lesson learned for next time.

As I write, we are on board our Qantas jet, enjoying a smooth and comfortable flight to Shanghai, and looking forward to settling in for our first night.

Happy trails!


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