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No! This can’t be happening!

This morning, we received an email from Luxury Escapes telling us that all Sinorama tours were cancelled! The email went on to say that Luxury Escapes was doing all it could to replace our cancelled tour with something even better - but could they possibly do this is less than 24 hours?!! We are supposed to leave home tomorrow!

A couple of frantic phone calls and emails to Luxury Escapes and everything has turned 180 degrees - again! Turns out, all Sinorama tours from 1 October onwards have been cancelled, but other tours up to that date are being honoured.

Since our original booking, made through LE, had been for 10 October and LE was not aware of our date change to September - made directly with Sinorama - LE assumed that we had been caught up in the fallout from Sinorama’s collapse. With a reassurance from LE - and later from Sinorama - that all September departures will be 100% OK, we are once more feeling fairly confident this trip will proceed! Talk about stress!

It turns out that we were incredibly lucky the 10 October date was fully booked and we switched to September. However, we do feel very sad for those people who have been caught up in this debacle and hope they at least get another tour or a refund. Just get us on that flight to China on Thursday!!

Happy trails!


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