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We are just back from a family trip to the UK and our thoughts are returning to our next trip - our 20 day China Odyssey. We have done some trawling through TripAdvisor fora to get a sense of what we might expect of our tour of China with Sinorama.

Generally, it seems we can expect to be lodged in hotels in the distant outskirts of the major cities - meaning early starts, long trips to city centres and little in terms of nearby attractions. I guess we could pay more to minimise those shortcomings but, when you are budget-conscious, you have to expect what you pay for. That said, the hotels other Sinorama clients were housed in seem to have been pretty good, so compromise is the name of the game, I guess.

As far as seeing the sights we are aiming for, they seem to have been well-covered for past clients. There have been a few odd gripes about shopping stops, but again, we will get what we paid for. We have certain objectives for our tour and, as long as they are met, we won’t worry too much about the peripherals.

All in all, we are pretty happy with what we have read and are looking forward to the next step - visa application.

Happy trails!


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