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The past couple of weeks have been mildly annoying.

The Sinorama NZ office seems to be having a bit of trouble getting our surname right and we are being a bit paranoid about it. Each time the Confirmation Letter was sent to us, there was a different problem with the spelling of our surname or some other detail. We are very conscious of our outlay on this trip and do not want it to be fouled up over some minor clerical detail, so we are perhaps being more paranoid than necessary. Still, we don’t want any issues on departure, so we want to get this sorted sooner rather than later.

Today, after several email exchanges - and I must say the staff at Sinorama NZ have been incredibly patient with us - we received documents that satisfied both us and Sinorama.

So, now it is hurry up and wait! The next thing is to apply for our Chinese Visa and that can’t happen until about four months before departure. Only nine months to go - seems somewhat appropriate! 𯘉

Happy trails!


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