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lakes and valleys were always pretty

rugged mountain peaks looked threatening

roads made for bike riding

Given the fun during our previous night's stay Terrento in the Dolomites was quite sedate but understandable given its farmland location. Peaceful and quiet it definitely was.

Not so the drive on through the Italian Alps and into Austria. It was a slow day in very heavy traffic but once again the roads were made for bikes and the scenery was spectacular.

The South Tyrol towns of Bolzano and Merano were considered for coffee stops but both were so heavily congested we moved on. That area apparently remains dedicated to full independence from Italy or re-annexation to Austria.

Either way its extremely serious and may become a really contentious issue in the future.

San Valentino was a much quieter place which suited us perfectly and the coffees were good.

A short break at the Fort Tre Sassi Great War Museum provided some relief from the traffic. Originally built in 1897 to defend against a possible Italian invasion it wasn't until 1915 when WWI came to the Dolomites that it finally saw action.

Unlike other EU border crossings the one into Austria was heavily guarded and for a moment it seemed we were to be given the once-over. For whatever reason we were flagged through probably because Gilli gave them one of her sweet smiles.

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