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Giovanni was a fan of Oz

we saw some very strange 'pets' in Villa Santina

Villa Santina village snuggled up to a rocky mountain

The temperature as we headed off was a fresh 9C but improved to around 25C as the day unfolded on our way out of Slovenia. Our destination was Villa Santina a small town in the Italian Alps.

Both the roads and scenery were brilliant and traffic was light so the five hour drive was very pleasant with great coffee stops in Jesenice and a very pretty ski town, Kranjska Gora.

Another stop in Tolmezzo allowed a chance to explore the local markets. Davo was ecstatic.

The Julian Alps in Slovenia were gorgeous and were soon followed by the Italian Alps and the rugged Dolomites.

Our overnighter in Villa Santina was in a small hotel that was very popular with the locals who were always very friendly. Giovanna was perhaps the friendliest.

We were enjoying some vino in a courtyard when Giovanno pulled up in his little three wheeled vehicle, blew his horn and started gesturing to us. Somehow we worked out that he needed help in ordering wine like ours so we got the barman for him. It turned out that he was wheelchair bound and each afternoon he would do the same thing to get his drink.

That afternoon was our turn to help.

While the barman was getting his wine Giovanno became aware that we were Aussies and produced a card of some sort displaying a kangaroo.

He was very excited, so excited that he shouted us wine.

Later that evening while we were walking the town we ran into Giovanno again. He was in his electric wheelchair which was fitted with unique headlights. A pair of battery torches were taped to the front. Very ingenious.

It was so nice to meet such genuine people.

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