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A great day in this lovely beach resort town. I’ve actually walked 20 kms today exploring in 28 degree weather temperature. The beaches are beautiful, sadly I did not get to swim as the San Sebastián film festival is on so all the usual Intrepid two star hotels were apparently booked up and we are staying in a luxurious 4 star hotel.

A pleasure indeed but not that central, I went out at 8 am this morning and did not return until 9.30 pm so sadly a bit inconvenient to fit in a swim.

I personally prefer the smaller family run hotels where we interact with the owner and they are always more centrally located, though my ballroom sized bedroom is a treat and I’m using the oversized bathroom as a private laundry as I have managed to catch up on domestics.

I walked down to the beautiful beaches this morning, then caught an ancient funicular to the top of a hill, a beautiful area and magnificent views over the city and especially of the 3 beaches.

I met up with Robyn and the American Bobsey twins for morning coffee on the beach and then took off on my own again and after many hours of exploring, decided I needed a break. I could not think of anywhere better than on the water so jumped on a local boat and we cruised around the bay and island for an hour which was so pretty, relaxing and cool.

By then it was lunchtime and I propped myself up on a bar stool in one of the cheerful little pinxto bars beside the beach with a cold beer and some of the most tasty little morsels of all kinds of culinary delights imaginable.

Ahhh Mum, you and Wendy would be in seventh heaven here with these tapas type pinxtos, such a civilised way to dine, I just pointed everytime I saw something I fancied and only ate as many as I needed, a nice cheap and light lunch.

The best part is the atmosphere in these little bars, vibrant, happy and buzzy. The barmen are such fun, what a difference from the French who are so dour, serious and scowls.

They laugh and joke with me, tease and just generally make your dining experience a thoroughly pleasant occasion.

In fact, I’d love to bring one of these handsome, cheerful Spanish men home with me, Cameron perhaps you better make up another bed at Laurieton just in case I get lucky.

I love the Spanish, they have been so much fun, friendly and helpful.

In fact I’ve almost converted our Cabillero (him with the swinging ponytail) into an Aussie, he actually laughs at my jokes now, well some of them. He was a bit perplexed after I had spent most of today gloriously lost in the old city, and decided to tell him about our very special Australian bird with the unique call, ie. the famous Wherethefuckarewe bird, I think his ponytail is still swinging as he tries to figure me out ha ha.

After lunch, I had to go to another bar which had been recommended to me for their cheesecake, omg, the best baked cheesecake I have ever eaten. The bar was busy and small so I took my cake and glass of local really good bubbly wine down to the river and sat on the wall indulging.

I lost weight in France even after all the pastries (probably due to so much activity, my jeans were falling off me) however believe I am going to roll out of Spain. I have never eaten so many wonderful meals as I have on this trip, both in France and now in Spain.

What a pleasure, Lucille I think you should go to Spain with your sisters, the food is amazing.

After many more hours of walking and exploring this lovely little town with great ambience and interesting history, I met up with a couple of the girls for dinner. Yep you guessed it, dinner was another round of Pinxto bars where we received even more attention as our bubbly Greek Goddess joined us in another one of her little black dresses, we had the best evening together and the most amazing pinxtos with Sangria.

Off to Segovia on the train tomorrow, always an interesting experience with our little unusual group.

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